Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning   | Jose Auto And Auto Sales, Inc. - Monroe, NC

Some motorists may joke and say that air conditioning means rolling down the car windows. That may be true during cooler temperatures days and evenings. But during the hot, summer months of North Carolina, that just doesn't cut it. You need an operational air conditioning system to make driving more comfortable and pleasant.

Jose Auto And Auto Sales, Inc. keeps motorists in the Monroe, NC area cool by providing the best air conditioning services around. Combine our expertise with reasonable prices, and you cannot go wrong!

Air conditioning is a special breed of automotive repair, requiring advanced level certification, training, and industry insight. Not everyone can, or wants to, do it. We proudly let everyone know that we employ one the best air conditioning experts in the area!

Is your fan blowing warm instead of cool air? You may need a coolant flush and refill. Do you turn on your air conditioning fan, but nothing comes out? Does your air conditioning system not work at all? We will perform a thorough diagnostic test to find the culprit of your concern.

Car manufacturers recommend flushing your coolant system at a specific time period. This keeps your air conditioning system operating at optimum levels. Our experts maintain a stock of industry-recommended, reasonably priced antifreeze for all types, makes, models, and years of cars.

We maintain an inventory of air conditioning parts, fluids, accessories, and tools to ensure all jobs can be performed as expected. This saves time, money, and frustration for everyone involved.

Have your air conditioning work done by the pros at Jose Auto And Auto Sales, Inc.